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8 Aug 2013

Peace and prosperity can only be sustained through liberty


When sharing the idea of liberty with people, a pattern quickly emerged. There is usually a specific thing that they value very highly and believe only government can provide. The need for handy information on these specific topics to support the case for liberty is what caused this website to be born and take the shape it has. After a pleasant and respectful conversation about liberty with someone, they can now be given the simple address Pure-Liberty.org and a menu topic to learn more when they're ready.

This website is dedicated to the belief that peace and prosperity can only be sustained through liberty. Mankind naturally tends toward liberty, but with periods of regression like the one we're in now. Fortunately, it's the only sustainable human condition, unlike socialism which always ultimately destroys itself. We will have liberty when enough truly believe and strive for it. Each of us can help bring peace and prosperity to the world, by sharing the idea of liberty. Pure-Liberty.org is here to help you understand, share and prepare for that time. eagle

The current crisis, due to a bloated tyrannical central state that is near self-destruction, is an opportunity for liberty to make progress at a pace not experienced in centuries. To help make this happen, we need to grow a widely held belief in the idea of liberty as the best possible future for mankind. When the state collapses, there may then be enough people to share that the parasite, which weakened the fabric of society and made it dependent, will be the cause of the all the pain after it falls off. Hopefully, you'll join us by actively helping others to believe in pure liberty as the only available path to peace and prosperity for all future generations.

Website Overview

The state has probably indoctrinated you with propaganda about itself since you were a young child in its public schools. Its message has been the relentless BIG LIE that you need it more and more, while it sucks the prosperity and happiness out of your life. Have you thought about how much of each hard earned dollar that the layers of the state take from you with compounded taxes, enforced by threat of violent force and even complete enslavement in prison?

It's like having a parasite that's over half your body weight that has aggressively claimed ownership of you and all your property. Restrictions from it relentlessly grow, increasing restraints upon what you can do with your person and property. Meanwhile, the parasite is monitoring you ever more closely, under the guise of protecting you from "threats", when actually it is protecting itself from YOU. It demands to feed upon the fruits of your labor, and also upon your liberties, so it can take even more and then use it to prevent any resistance.

Can you objectively consider the government's growing aggression against you, your property and liberty; in contrast to the life-long BIG LIE that you need it more and more? If so, you should be compelled to ask yourself  "why have I tolerated enslavement by the parasite for so long, while it stole so much from me?" Can you imagine how prosperous you and all of society would be without this huge parasite that takes and destroys so much, while giving back so little, and of such poor quality? If so, at that moment you may discover the incredible paradigm shift that is the secret to pure liberty, by asking the important question, "what do we really need government for?" The answer may be hard to believe at first, because it is the opposite of what the state has told you all your life. The truth is made quite clear here at www.Pure-Liberty.org

The state at multiple levels is on the path to economic self-destruction and it doesn't know how to stop before the end of the road. Fortunately for us, the parasite will probably die long before it kills its hosts, you and I. We don't need to aggress against government or those it has fooled into its service. Our strongest weapon is learning and sharing the idea of pure liberty, while avoiding government as much as possible and preparing for the inevitable collapse to occur naturally. When it destroys itself, large numbers of us must be ready to do our individual part, along with with others in our communities, to assure that the parasite doesn't arise again from its rubble and again take us down the road to serfdom. Pure Liberty can then enable mankind to achieve our maximum potential of peace and prosperity, and increasingly so for future generations.

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